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Infrared Oven IR1302

SKU : 74-00343

74-00343_Infrared Oven IR1302_rehabimpulse
74-00343_Infrared Oven IR1302_rehabimpulse2.0

Functions and benefits

The Infrared-oven IR1302 is designed for the P&O field to heat flat thermoplastic materials directly on a PTFE sheet or by use of a bubble-forming frame. A standard heating selection feature allows activating a smaller or larger area, thus the energy consumption can be reduced when heating smaller material pieces. The movable roll-about tray is height adjustable and offers a heating surface of 1240x1040mm.

Technical specifications

  • Width: 1595mm
  • Depth: 1270mm
  • Height: 1400mm
  • Weight: 290kg
  • Voltage: 400V / 50-60Hz / 3 Phase (3x16A CEE)
  • Capacity: 8.5kW
  • Heating: 18 Infrared-Quartz tubes with single reflector
  • Temperature control: Opto-electrical IR sensor (continuous)
  • Temperature range: 30-250°C
  • Controler/Interface: Electronic SPS controller with 3.5" touch panel
  • Lighting: 2x 25W bulbs

Included in delivery

  • 1x Infrared-oven case (1545x1270x700mm) – 225kg
  • 4x Leg for oven case including bars (35x35x840mm) – 10kg
                including screws/washers
  • 1x Roll-about tray (1280x1060x840mm) – 50kg
  • 4x Leg for roll-about tray with caster (30x30x300mm) – 6kg
                including screws/washers
  • 1x Allen key 4mm
  • 1x Allen key 6mm
  • 1x Allen key 8mm
  • 1x Open wrench SW10/13

Spare parts and accessories

  • 74-00344 Teflon-coating, porous, width 1500mm, (t=0.20mm), per meter
  • 74-00345 Replacement Teflon coating for IR1302, porous, sewn-up edges, ready to use