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ICRC Manufacturing Guidelines

 Foot SACH 2.0 EN, ES   Lower limb Prosthetics
Transtibial Alignement Kit – Adult EN   Partial Foot Prosthesis
Transtibial Alignement Kit - Child EN   Trans-Tibial Prosthesis
Transtibial Alignement Kit for long stump – Adult EN   Trans-Femoral Prosthesis
Transtibial Alignement Kit for long stump – Child EN   Alignment Jig for Lower-Limb Prosthetics
Transfemoral Alignement Kit – Adult EN   Push-fit Syme prosthesis
Transfemoral Alignement Kit – Child EN   Syme prosthesis with “medial window”
Monocentric Knee Joint ENES    
Polycentric Knee Joint (Adult only) ENES   Upper limb Prosthetics
Pyramid Adapter ENES   Trans-Radial Prosthesis
Concave Cylinder Holding System EN   Trans-Humeral Prosthesis
Passive Hand EN    
Elbow Joint EN    
Polycentric knee joint instruction videos   Thermoforming polypropylene
Part 1 – General presentation   Draping technique
Part 2 – Casting and socket draping    
Part 3 – Assembly and bench alignment   Lower limb Orthotics
Part 4 – Dynamic alignment   Ankle-Foot Orthosis
Part 5 – Finishing   Patellar Tendon-Bearing Orthosis
    Upper Limb Orthotics
    Upper Limb Orthotics
 A functional approach towards the design, development, and test of an affordable dynamic prosthetic foot